Still scoping out what other virtual assistants are doing?

Fiona Benjamin, Virtual Assistant

Yup, I've been there.

I used to be so confused on how virtual assistants were pricing their hours and packaging their services.

I would just create hourly packages, like they did, and I got so frustrated when I wasn't signing on any clients.

One day, I decided to create a package that helped book me out forever, without charging an hourly rate.

This made my clients happier and made work smoother for me, even though it confused the heck out of other virtual assistants.

Well, I completely broke down exactly how I created this package and how you can implement the strategy into your own virtual assistance business model, 100% free, below.

Legit, this is all from my experience and not repeated generic advice every coach and guru tells virtual assistants to do.

When I first started my virtual assistance journey...

I felt like I was trying to scream and shout over all of the other virtual assistants.

The industry was so saturated because EVERYONE was trying to be a virtual assistant.

So I decided to be cheap.

$12/hour services.

Clients negotiated me down to even less pay.

Never paid invoices on time.

They always "found someone cheaper."

I had no idea how some virtual assistants were making hundreds and even thousands of dollars, every month.

Their clients were singing the praises of these VA's on every Facebook group. 

They were getting guest featured on podcasts and blogs.

I was doing the same exact thing they were doing on their sales pages and I packaged my services the same way they did.

So why wasn't I also getting swarms of clients?

Clearly, something I was doing wasn't working.

I decided to scrap my sales page COMPLETELY.

I TRIPLED my price.

Put together my website.

Created this crazy virtual assistance package for UNLIMITED hours.

And all of the sudden, people I was fangirling over, were APPLYING to be MY CLIENT.

I feel so much comfort knowing she’s in there with me, responding to our audience and keeping everything running smoothly. Besides being amazing at her job, she’s also just a badass lady and all around wonderful human. I’m so lucky to have her on my team!!

— Mariah Coz, Femtrepreneur

Fiona has common sense and that saves me a lot of time, headache, and micro-managing. Before working with Fiona, I felt annoyed. Now I feel organized and like I don’t have to do things by myself!

— Maya Elious, Content Creation Expert

Nope, I'm not crazy.
Yes, this is profitable.

I hate counting every little hour.

So do my clients.

It's a huge distraction from work when we're trying to nickel and dime every minute.

With an unlimited hours package, the stress is completely taken off and all of our focus is on completing tasks, launching products, and keeping the team happy. 

And I get asked all the time, "Do you even make any money doing this?"

"Do your clients take advantage of you?"

"How many hours do you even work per month?"

I work less hours and make double the amount, doing unlimited hours, than I did when I was charging hourly packages.

Also, my clients have kept me much longer.

So long, that my sales page is gone and I no longer accept applications to be my client.

Create an Unlimited Hours Package


  • Toggl - What I use to track time
  • Typeform - What I use for my intake forms
  • Written Gold - The exact sales page template I used for my sales pages
  • The Pumpkin Plan - The book I modeled my business plan after
  • Be Booked Out - The course I mentioned when asked how I booked out
  • Swipe Files - A bundle of all of my successful pitches, sales pages, intake forms, my contract, and more!